Experimental Photography Installations Drawing Painting and Glass

Photographer and Crossmedia artist

Artist Statement


I am driven by a desire to create art that eludes my own understanding, it is essential to me to be shocked and surprised by my creations. In my practice, I explore how transformation creates meaning. Energy inspires and informs my work. I always get ideas from the energy contained and released by single units of language. I am aware of the elements of chance and time embedded in my work, and how it replays natural physical processes I still don’t fully understand. I am fascinated by transformation because I believe that transformation is ever present and fundamental; everything is constantly moving and becoming something else. 

In my work, I use a multitude of materials and processes to explore transformation, trying to understand its purpose. I usually start by creating original photographs and then designing processes that will interact with them and dramatically transform them through very destructive acts. Designing these catastrophic encounters is a very important part of my work because it creates a momentum that gives me a strong sense of anticipation and impatient desire for the future.  I film and photograph the entire processes in the studio to capture high quality recorded images. I collect any remains of the materials used during the processes and create new separate pieces which accompany the transformed photographs. Once I initiate the processes, I like to have little control over the outcome. This loss of control, risk and unpredictability, are absolutely essential for the integrity and honesty of my work. Through this ritual I feel my work bears witness to the instant when one thing becomes another, reflecting the nature of transformation.